Group Training

Group Training

If you enjoy group activities based on individual goals,
ABSolute Fitness NC Fitness Fix at Six classes are perfect for you.

Fitness Fix at Six

We seek to encourage and inspire our clients to increase their effort, but at their own pace. Our group training classes are administered with varying intensities; the movements and speed are adjustable so even the beginner can participate with the rugged veteran. Speed walking, jogging, isometric movements, resistance bands, stability balls, stairs, light dumbbells…we use it all.

The theme to each class changes every session. One class might focus on speed intervals, the next time may focus on working with tires and resistance bands. This forces the body to grow and adapt to the random routines, as well as keeping the workouts fresh, and always leaves participants wondering what is the next challenge.

The sessions are held both in and out of doors – save for inclement weather – and ABSolute Fitness NC provides all needed equipment.

The camps are offered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6 AM; Saturday at 8 AM. Groups of 6 or more can schedule private group training sessions outside of the normal schedule.

Please call for further details.