Corporate Wellness

Promote a higher quality of life by improving the health and productivity of employees through personal training, group fitness classes, nutritional counseling and mental empowerment. We believe that to truly improve the body, the mind must be incorporated for a result of life-long changes. It is proven that a healthy employee is a happier and more productive one and that is what we will help create.

Fully integrated group personal training routines, scientifically designed for each individual’s needs, yet administered in a fast paced and challenging group setting. This is not a boot camp; rather, every movement is designed to trigger specific neuromuscular reactions for gains in strength and endurance while still promoting fat loss. We will be using all of the equipment in our personal facility. These tactics include:

  • Resistance strength training with machines and free weights.
  • Speed and agility movements.
  • Core stability and functional training movements to prevent injury.
  • Cardiovascular intervals to condition the heart for optimum performance.