Frederick Price, Fitness Director / Owner

Andy Tendler Andrew has been a trainer for over three years. He is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and loves what he does. Andrew knows what it’s like to walk into a gym and be overwhelmed, not having a clue where to start because just a few years ago he was a lean 140 lbs and wanted to change his appearance to build more tone and definition. Andrew was able to transform his body and his mindset and he enjoys doing the same for his clients. Andrew always tells his clients that this is a lifestyle change, so if you’re willing to put in the work, he can help you reach your goals. Andrew has a wide range of skills which comes from having worked with a wide variety of clients. He understands how to use functional movements to assist clients with muscular imbalances but also has the ability to help clients who are looking to lose weight through exciting and challenging high-intensity exercises. If you are looking to gain muscle, Andrew understands first-hand how to add density and strength in a healthy and safe way. Andrew is a very outgoing individual who brings a different and fun training style to ABSolute Fitness NC. His high energy workouts, designed to get your heart rate up and keep the calories burning, allow his clients to have fun and shed fat at the same time. Further, if you are looking to correct years of pain, caused by bad posture, stress, etc., Andrew’s knowledge gained through NASM will help you move more functionally and freely.